Modern Dressing Table Designs That You Must Know

Modern Dressing Table Designs That You Must Know

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Modern Dressing Table Designs That You Must Know

Among the various essential furniture in Indian homes, the dressing table plays a significant role. In our daily lives, the mirror is of major importance as we get up in the morning and prepare ourselves for the entire day. While all this process seeks a mirror in your bedroom, we can never deny how dressing tables solve our purpose. Herein lies the integral role of dressing tables. The look of a bedroom increases with the modern dressing table installation. It acts as dual functionality by reflecting more lights to enter the bedroom and also acts as storage where you can put your essentials.   

Dressing tables can become the centrepiece of the bedroom when it is matched with the interior decor of the bedroom. In addition to enhancing the aesthetic beauty of the bedroom, it also holds functional values. A dressing table with mirror and storage drawers can serve effectively as one can keep all essentials, jewellery, cosmetics, and different other stuff in the storage space. Are you on the lookout for the right dressing table for your master bedroom that would match the decor and also bring in the functionality? In this blog, we will guide you through the different latest dressing table designs that have been in trend. 

Latest Dressing Tables in Trend

Different types and different styles of dressing table are there and you need to select the right one that fits the decor and space of your bedroom. In this context, it is important to mention the different modern dressing table design. Take a look at some of the major designs that have become popular in urban homes.

Dressing Table With Storage Space

This type of dressing table is combined with a spacious storage system where you can keep all your makeup and cosmetic products in an organized way. When you need them, you can easily get your favourite cosmetic item on the dressing table with storage shelf. These are the various types of the dressing-table that is designed in a way to have ample storage spaces. The spaces are present in the form of shelves, cabinets, and racks to accommodate the various items. It can also serve the functionality of storage furniture and as it is combined with a mirror you can use it as such in your own way.

Minimalist Dressing Table Design

Are you looking for a minimalist dressing table design for your minimalist bedroom interior decor? In these kinds of dressing table designs, the shelves or drawers are smaller as compared to the other types of dressing tables. The space will hold different stuff and cosmetics inside the drawers. The minimalist dressing table designs are specially designed for small homes. These are quite portable and therefore can be easily moved anywhere in just a few minutes. With less floor space you are able to manage all other furniture items along with the dressing table.

Full Length Mirror Dressing Table Designs

Many individuals want their dressing table mirror to remain at full length. For them, the full length mirror dressing table designs are the favourable ones that proffer the functionality of full length. These kinds of dressing tables are for those who like to compliment their own beauty in front of the mirror and flaunt all cosmetics as well as self-care products. The dressing design also comes with small drawers where you can keep your essentials.

Royal Dressing Table

The royal dressing table comes in international design collections such as American, German, Vietnam, Italian and many others. The entire set comes with an elegant style mix, unique design, and amazing craft. The mirror is engraved with exclusive arc designs which gives it a royal look. Additionally, it also increases the grandeur of the bedroom in which it is placed. 

Wall Mounted Modern Dressing Table

The wall-mounted dressing table design is one of the most popular pieces of furniture in this new era. This kind of dressing table design along with the storage space is wall mounted. It gives a chic look and appearance to the bedroom making it clutter-free. When you have a lack of space in your bedroom, a wall mounted dressing table is the perfect combination. The table is easy to install; our delivery personnel assemble and install it with free charges.

Bohemian Dressing Table Style

The bohemian style of home decor is a famous dressing table design that keeps up its trends during different seasons. It generally comprises vibrant colours, unique look, and therefore has the perfect audacity to enhance the appearance of the bedroom decor. 

Storage Dressing Table with Stools

This new dressing table design comes in the form of rich storage space so that you can organize all grooming materials and cosmetic products. The dressing table comes with a combination of stools on which you can sit and prepare yourself for the day. The unique combo comes in an affordable range.

Industrial Style Dressing Table

With passing time more designs are coming to the origin and as such industrial style dressing table design has become popular. The design emphasizes rustic exposed finishes and industrial structural elements that provide an artistic look to the interiors.  


Are you still confused and unable to make your mind about choosing a dressing table for your home? Royaloak’s collection of dressing table designs are fascinating which will draw your attention to every piece of furniture material. From Bohemian dressing table to international American dressing table design collection, amazing rustic design to wooden dressing table designs, Royaloak has a wide variety of furniture collections and it delivers all across the country. Established as the leading furniture brand in India, it offers superior quality furniture to customers and has become the largest furniture retail brand in India. If you are looking for modern dressing table designs, then you can browse the different design collections and select the right one fitting your room decor. 

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