The Best Dressing Table Designs and Purchasing Tips

The Best Dressing Table Designs and Purchasing Tips

Dressing TableDressing Table

If we list down some of the essential furniture items in a house, one may recall the bed, dining room furniture or the common living room furniture. While these may come to mind easily, there are lots of other important furniture items which are necessary in one’s house. The dressing table is one such piece of furniture. It is an important thing to know that dressing tables have been around for centuries in every culture. It still continues to live on among many different houses but is generally called by different names.

The reason that the dressing table design has been so important is because it has both functional and decorative value to the home. It is also an important tool to help express oneself to the world. The dresser, as it is called sometimes, is usually installed in the master bedroom or each room that has a bed if the house is big enough as in instance of a duplex house. It usually has a mirror that is used for actual dressing purposes. The mirrors vary in size and shape. Appropriate lighting is provided for the mirror. It also contains room for storage. It also has chests of drawers that can be used to store other things like makeup items, combs or hairbrushes. 

Most Popular Dressing Table Designs

Depending on the context, there are different types of dressing table design. In this blog, we shall take a look at the most important ones, and we will also give you tips about how to make your dressing room appear more attractive. This point is important, as it can help alleviate the interests of any guests or friends that may try your dressing room. 

Full-length mirror dressing table

This is one of the most popular dressing table designs in the world. It is equipped with a large mirror that allows the full length of the human to be reflected. It also often comes with lighting and storage that lies beside or behind the mirror. The storage space here is comparatively bigger than the wall-mounted dresser design. Because of its features, it is the perfect choice for people who may want to spend a lot of time dressing up. 

Wall-mounted dresser

The wall-mounted dresser is another kind of dressing table design that is popular. In this type, both the mirror and the storage spaces are mounted on a wall. This gives it a more aesthetic look and appearance. The storage space is usually right behind the mirror and holds the space for a medium number of items. The main advantage of this type of dresser unit is that it can make up for the lack of space for this type of furniture in a particular room.

Minimalist dressing table

The minimalist dressing table contains the minimal amount of stuff to be called as such. It usually consists of a mirror which is slightly smaller than most other dressing tables. Drawers are not particularly large in minimalistic tables, and usually contain only the essential elements of dressing. Storage can be elsewhere when using this type of dresser. The main advantage of such a design is that it is often easily portable, and can be set up anywhere in under a matter of minutes. It is suitable for small rooms.

Designer dressing table

The dressing design that comes with this type of furniture is unmatched and famous for its beauty. It is highly suitable for master bedrooms or rooms that should have high ornamental value. One should mix and match the colours and ornamental design with their home while buying such designer dressing tables, as the luxury item will definitely be a point of attraction to many people.

How to Choose a Good Dressing Table

The choice of dressing table is partially dependent on what a homeowner wants to do with the dresser and depends on the storage space that is preferred by the individual. Because it is also a home decor material, the right choices must be made to avoid pitfalls.

Select the mirror size

The dressing table mirror size is one of the most important things that matter when it comes to purchasing the dresser. If you are looking for a portable setup, you may want to choose a smaller mirror. But the general rule of thumb here is that bigger sizes are better. If you prefer that the mirror only be visible while in use, you can opt for dressers that have a pop-up mirror.

Have appropriate lighting

The lighting in the dressing room is very important, and artificial lighting in the form of LED bulbs are essential. If you prefer the antique look, you can buy the dressers that offer a lampshade style of lighting. The lighting can also serve an aesthetic role. Apart from the artificial lighting, one must make sure that the dresser must be illuminated with natural light during the daytime.

Select your storage space

This is also one of the most important factors that determine the dressing table price. The larger the ability to store items, the better it is considered. If storage spaces are not important to you, you may choose to go with the minimalistic design, which is more decorative to a particular house than the normal dressing table design.


It is important that a bedroom, especially the master bedroom, has a dressing table, as it is one of the most convenient places where it can be placed. The dressing table also needs to be designed in the right manner for it to be maximally useful. Selecting such a dressing table requires the right home decor skills. RoyalOak is a Premier Indian Furniture seller that sells all kinds of furniture online and this includes the dressing table. With our premium collections of designer dressing tables, you will have a huge variety of options to choose one right for your house.

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