Buy Side Tables Online To Add Functionality To Your Home Furniture
Our diverse range of side tables includes the perfect solutions for various needs, from lamp tables to bedside companions and laptop stations. For your bedroom, our bedside tables offer a blend of style and convenience, keeping essentials within arm's reach. Transform your living room with our versatile small tables, creating functional spaces for décor or beverages. Looking for a lamp table for your bedroom? Discover our thoughtfully designed options that combine ambient lighting with tabletop functionality.

Experience the utmost flexibility with our laptop bedside tables, enabling you to work or surf comfortably from the comfort of your bed. For compact spaces, our nesting tables provide a space-saving approach, allowing you to arrange and rearrange effortlessly. With impeccable craftsmanship and an array of designs, our side tables cater to your unique preferences, whether you're drawn to modern aesthetics or traditional charm.

Each piece is crafted with quality in mind, ensuring durability and longevity. Elevate your interior with these versatile additions that enhance both your lifestyle and décor. From living room centerpieces to bedroom essentials, our side tables adapt to your needs while adding a touch of elegance to your space.

From wooden bedside cabinets to metallic tables, find the most comprehensive side table price on Royaloak today!

Choose Side Tables Based On Shapes
When it comes to shape, you should consider the placement of the table. When choosing side tables, there are no hard-and-fast guidelines. Finding tables that are the proper size for your room is the most crucial step. The typical common shapes that are available are briefly explained here.

Round Side Table: Round tables are a fantastic option for individuals with limited room because they have a softer aesthetic than square or rectangular designs and a smaller footprint. Due to their absence of sharp edges, these sorts are also a wise choice if you have small kids. The round side table is less likely to contain drawers or storage because of its form.

Rectangle Side Table: If you need to fill a corner, these angular designs work exceptionally well because of how naturally snugly their clean lines fit. These are perfect for a laptop bedside table. When you think about a rectangular side table, a more classic style probably comes to mind, but there are also many more modern options available.

Square Side Table: A square side table could be the greatest option if it needs to be fitted into a corner. They are helpful when placed next to sofas to keep your drink, snack, or book. They come with drawers that can hold your knickknacks.

Types of Side Tables at Royaloak
Telephone Stands: Discover our exquisite wooden telephone stands, blending timeless beauty with practicality. Elevate your home decor while organizing your communication hub. Browse a variety of designs that harmonize with any interior. 

Nesting Tables: Nesting Tables offer a ton of functionality along with saving your space. It comes in a variety of materials like sheesham wood, metal, marble. Crafted for style and functionality. Perfect for compact living. Explore a range of designs today. 

Console Tables: Elevate your interior with our Sheesham wood console table. Handcrafted to perfection, it exudes rustic charm and modern elegance. Experience the rich, distinctive grain of Sheesham wood while adding functionality to your space. Explore unique designs that capture the essence of sophistication. Redefine your decor with this stunning statement piece.

Magazine Holder Tables: Discover our magazine holder tables, a fusion of style and utility. Organize your reading materials in elegant compartments while enjoying a functional tabletop. Choose from various designs to complement your living space. Stay clutter-free and add a touch of sophistication to your home with these versatile and chic tables.

Side Table with Storage: These tables seamlessly blend convenience with style, offering discreet storage solutions right at your fingertips. Choose from an array of designs that elevate your space while keeping essentials within reach. Simplify your living area with these practical and aesthetically pleasing side tables.

Side Tables For All Your Rooms
If you’re looking for a quick way to impart personal flourishes to your home, consider the addition of a small table to all the rooms of the house which could use some decoration. Putting an interesting art piece or a framed picture on top of a low counter can speak volumes about the inhabitants of a living space without taking up a whole lot of room. And if you feel like you haven’t got enough floor space, take into account the possibility of extra storage that a smart side table design can provide. 

Don’t let any one idea limit you though; check out some of the different kinds of side tables we have at Royaloak.

Living Room Side Table: Side tables for living room are very frequently placed in living rooms, for good reason. A practical way to capitalize on the floor space available, an end table acts as the perfect surface to hold a number of decor elements, like planters or figurines,  that give your living room its character and charm. A side table for living room is not only an astute investment, it’s a functionally stylish piece of decor, much like a coffee table or a low-to-the-ground shelf. 

Bedroom Side Table: A lamp table for bedroom or a simple side table is one of those indispensable choices for home furniture that pays for itself many times over. Accommodating essentials like a touch sensor lamp, a bottle of water, as well as reading material, a good bed side table has the capacity to transform your bedtime experience for the better.

Dining Room Side Table: Just like you have end tables for the living room, the functionality of a dining table set can be accentuated by installing a sideboard in the vicinity of your kitchen. If you look for one topped with the same material as the dining table, a smaller table in the dining room can look like a matching piece from the same set. A dining room side table with glass-paneled doors also doubles as a charming crockery cabinet to hold extra serving ware.

Get Side Tables Based On Materials Available At Royaloak
The table's design is directly influenced by the material used in its creation. A wooden side table, for instance, can have the chance for large storage. Low-lying tables made of steel or aluminum might be foldable and light enough to be used as portable furniture. Read more to find out about the different materials and their features.

Solid Wood Side Table: Solid wood side table designs are incredibly versatile and can integrate into a broad spectrum of homes - it's all about how you style them. It's worth considering how you prefer to live also, if you vary up your sitting room periodically, solid wood might not be the most practical choice as it's hefty. With wooden items, coasters are especially essential because they are readily marked or stained.

Metal Side Table: Metal side table in odd shapes or cut-out designs is another adaptable alternative that is frequently available, making them ideal for anyone who wants to make a statement with their furniture. There are many different styles to pick from, although they tilt on the more contemporary side. Most of the metal table are made of steel, iron, or aluminum and each requires somewhat different care.

Glass Side Table: Glass side table is a common choice for individuals trying to create a contemporary look because they are often simple and minimalist. Glass-topped designs are also ideal if your living room is tiny because their transparent nature gives the impression of more space. Practically speaking, these are perfect because they can be easily cleaned without worrying about getting stained.

Benefits Of Having A Side Table
You can relocate side tables anyplace because they are so versatile. So that it can serve as a level surface for your cup of coffee or book, move it to your living room and put it next to the couch. A side table is essentially a little piece of furniture that you can effortlessly include in any space in your house. Having that extra room is always beneficial because it eliminates the need to leave clutter outside. You can avoid the inconvenience of getting up to get any requirements by having a side table nearby. Aside from serving a practical purpose, adding a side table to your bedroom is one of the finest ways to freshen it up. There are a variety of styles, patterns, and colors available, and they serve as accent pieces to improve the aesthetic of any room.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Side Table Online
A side table can often be a godsend in homes where available space is at a definite premium, and it’s always worth it to explore different options that best suit your interiors. On the other hand, for those of us who enjoy being absolute maximalists, a square end table can serve as a pedestal to showcase every whimsical piece of decor that strikes the fancy. Of course, a side table itself can be a showpiece based on its shape and construction. Let’s look at some factors that could make it easier to identify the best side table for your home.

Storage Features: The availability of adequate storage options is what prompts most people to invest in a nightstand or end table for their home. A side table with drawer is one of the most popular pieces of drawing room or study room furniture for its sheer utility. The presence of drawers on a table is a much-overlooked bonus feature. Not only does a side table with storage provide a quick place to stash clutter, but the simple placement of a bowl of fruit or a flowering vase atop the surface also gives the room a very composed aesthetic.

Size: Consider a side table with a shelf when you want a diminutive bookshelf for a reading book in a study or nursery. A small side table is an intuitive choice for people living in shared apartments or smaller homes, but when one has room to spare it’s not a bad idea to consider jazzing up the living space with an elaborately constructed cabinet. Tall end tables are perfect as both platforms for other decor, or as standalone pieces.

Shape: The shape of an end table can influence the perspective of the room that it’s placed within. For example, the placement of a round side table in a living room or dining room requires some thought, while a rectangle side table of the same size can be neatly tucked away into any corner. Some of the decision-making is made easier by the concept of nested tables; an aesthetically pleasing set of round end tables, for example, can be nestled within each other to save on space when not in use.

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