Vijai Subramaniam
It gives me immense pleasure to share the internal
advancements of the last month with the First ever
edition of our Newsletter- Rising Royaloak. This
newsletter will serve as a means for all of us at Royaloak
to connect with each other and keep abreast of the
latest endeavours of the company all at once.
Royaloak has experienced unprecedented growth as
the year progressed despite the persistent bearish
sentiment for the nation’s economy. Closer home, the
plummeting competition certainly played a major role at
micro and macro-economic levels to stem the runaway
fiscal growth witnessed in many of our key markets for
the past few years. The regional construction industry
remained stagnant, slowing down any major projects
which in turn caused a drop in the overall revenue and
sales in the furniture business. On the other hand, our
expansion helped us retain our Number 1 spot in India
and helped us row our boat so far.
Our strategy in 2023 will be extremely risk-averse and
highly selective in the FMS, RMS, and EMS front.
While pursuing our goals with high margin potential
and a sustainable expansion plan, we look forward to
opening 5 more stores in the month of December.
We will also dedicate material, knowledge, and
human resources required to suitably enforce
our business. We remain optimistic about the
prospects of securing substantial projects and
the way ahead for Royaloak.
The source of our growth and progress remains
our 1500-strong workforce who continue to
lead our organisation with their unmatched
skill, discipline, dedication, innovation and
passion. We will continue to invest in our
people and train them with the latest
technology and innovations to retain our
competitive edge in the market. I would like
to offer thanks to our customers, franchise
partners, landlords, and vendors for their
understanding and trust. We are inspired by
your faith and your perseverance and remain
committed to generating value in the brand
I am confident that you will find this monthly
newsletter edition to be interesting and valuable.
I await your valued comments and suggestions.
Vijai Subramaniam
First Edition