How to Give a Timeless Look to Your Living Room

How to Give a Timeless Look to Your Living Room

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How to Give a Timeless Look to Your Living Room

The living room is one of the most important places in a house. It is the place where most outsiders may get a first impression of the house, and also the place where guests spend the most time when they visit. The living room is also one of the places where you as the homeowner may spend time relaxing or thinking about something. Keeping all this in mind, it is important that the living room must both appear and be as comfortable as possible. Good living room furniture is one of the most important aspects to achieve this result.

Many methods can be employed to make a living room look and feel beautiful. Making the living room as decluttered as possible is one of the ways in which it can be kept in a good shape. Having good wallpaper or tiling is the next step, but when it comes to actual comfort, furniture like a good sofa set or a table with a design that reflects the family’s values can go a long way. In this blog, we shall discuss some methods to make the living room have a timeless appearance and also be as comfortable as possible.

The Right Materials to Give a Classic Look to a Living Room

The appearance of any room is related to the materials that are placed in it. The design, look and feel of the materials, and also their placement relative to one another has an impact on how comforting or calming the living room looks. Following are the important pieces of furniture a living room should have to make it have a timeless look. We shall also include tips on how to place and maintain such furniture and include best practices regarding them.

Have a sofa set

The first requirement in the living room should be that it should have a comfortable place to sit. This is also one of the first things that are experienced by guests, as cultures all around the world have a practice of sitting together and having banter or an important discussion in the living room. This is where a good sofa set becomes a very important thing. 

  • Many types of sofa sets are available as per the family’s preference of comfort. Leather sofa, leatherette sofa and fabric sofa sets are some of the many furniture that stores can offer for living rooms.
  • Sofas made of rigid and tough frameworks can be used for a long period of time. This is an important factor, as it increases the value of the product
  • They can be easily cleaned by modern methods and also can be made dust averse.

Mix & Match furniture: Add Center table and side tables 

A good match with leather or a comfortably made wooden sofa set is a wooden center table, which is usually an important item in the living room. Tables in the living room serve many purposes, all the way from having customary drinks (Coffee table) to playing board games (center or a side table) with friends. Following are additional tips on how a wooden table can be made to give a classic look to a living room.

  • The colour of the table must be a very good match with other items in the living room. Coffee tables can be bought to add an aesthetic to the living room.
  • Tables come in many designs and offer many additional functionalities. Center table, side tables and coffee tables can all have their impact on the aesthetic of the living space.
  • A high-quality wooden center table with a tough framework and a smooth surface must be chosen to give the best possible look in the living room

Add furniture pieces that reflect your personality: Bookshelf

The living room is a reflection of the occupants of the home. A furniture piece which reflects your personality will go a long way in creating the right impression to the visitors of your home. This can be done by adding additional furniture like a bookshelf in the living room. There are a variety of designs that are accommodated in bookshelves and the homeowners must choose the one which is right for their living rooms. Following are some other things to bear in mind when increasing the aesthetic in this manner.

  • Ease of use is key with any piece of furniture, and as such, bookshelves should be placed as close to seating positions as possible.
  • Bookshelves must be placed in such a manner that getting or placing the books from them does not need much effort from the user.
  • The right bookshelf must be chosen that increases the artistic impression of the living room. Effective lighting should also be provided in the room so that one may read books with ease. 

Display art 

There are other ways that a living room can be made to look pleasing. Hanging art which reflects the culture of the homeowner and the family is common practice among many cultures and rightfully so. Things that are specific to the family and increase their prestige can also be displayed as artwork in the living room. Following are additional tips to display art 

  • The art must be hung on walls that directly face the sofa or the couch. This ensures a good viewing experience for guests
  • Multiple artworks can be displayed or a minimalistic view can also be adopted, depending on the homeowner’s taste.
  • The artworks must be placed in such a way that they can be moved easily if such a need arises. 

Let your rug stand out 

Rugs are another piece of essential items that are very helpful in both functionality and the look of the living room, but they hardly get credit for any of it. While they have an important role in reducing the dust in most rooms. They can also be made in almost any design that makes them have a high artistic value.

  • Many qualities of rugs are available. Rugs are generally used in the centre of the room.
  • Some rugs can be easily cleaned, and these high-quality rugs which are often made of nylon or polyster must be chosen to increase the longevity of the rug & add to the aesthetic quality of the living room.
  • Customers must take advantage of the various colour and design options to choose the one rug which will fit with overall look of the living room

Add a good entertainment unit

No living room is complete without the essential entertainment unit that the family needs. Television is the most used living room entertainment device in all cultures around the world these days. Television is usually enjoyed by families when there aren't any special occasions, but they can also become a source for a good banter with guests. Comfortable furniture is obviously required for seating. Here are tips to make the living room entertainment as lively as possible.

  • Evenly spaced chairs can be used for maximum seating capacity to enjoy the TV.
  • A wing chair or accent chairs can be placed in the right positions so that important guests can enjoy to their fullest extent.
  • Chairs placed in the right positions alongside coffee tables can serve both a functional and aesthetic purpose in the living room.

Make the living space comfortable for all ages

The living space must be made comfortable for people of all ages. A special chair called the rocking chair has now been developed for the elderly that helps them not only sit comfortably, but have genuine enjoyment taking part in family activities. For the younger adults, accent chairs and comfortable wing chairs can be used for maximum comfort

  • Rocking chairs adjust their center of mass based on the weight of the person sitting on it. It is very helpful for the elderly as they always end up in an unstressed position whenever they use it.
  • Wing chairs are usually easily distinguishable by the large amount of the chair that covers its user on either side, often extending to the chair’s armrests. It traps heat in the chair and is generally more comfortable for people to sit in.
  • Both rocking chairs and wing chairs can be placed in a unique manner in the living room so that it increases the aesthetic appeal of the living room and also be welcoming to guests of all ages. 

The living room must also be made adjustable instead of just aesthetically pleasing, as it is a room that undergoes frequent changes during festivals and other special occasions. 


As the living room is the place where important family discussions may occur and as this might also involve guests, it is important that such a place be as comfortable as possible. Good furniture is one of the factors of comfort that is most important in the living room, especially due to it being such an important place in a home. RoyalOak is a premier Indian furniture seller, and sells all kinds furniture, including living room furniture. The furniture designs are inspired from cultural of various countries. They also offer free delivery and assembly and deliver across many cities in India.

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