How to Add Elegance to Living Room with Sleek L shaped Sofas



Among the various furniture pieces, the sofa is a functional as well as quality furniture item which shapes the overall appeal of a living room of any size and dimension. Therefore, selecting a sofa can be impacted by different factors such as layout, design, style, shape, materials and space. A living room is decorated with different pieces of furniture to bring a sleek atmosphere to the living room. Diverse designs of the sofa, based on dimensions of the room have been used in Indian home. Similarly, sleek L-shaped sofas have a special place in the living room interior and are widely used. In this context, it is relevant to discuss the different types of L-shaped sofas that can become a hot pick for your living room.   

With the introduction to the L-shaped sofas, people begin to prefer the trendy furniture piece in their living room. This type of sofa is specially designed for space constraints in today’s modern houses. The L-shaped sofa set enables leaving more space, are thereby rendering more functional and less space-consuming aspects.  

Why Is a Sofa Must-Have in the Living Room?

Sofas have always been a centrepiece of furniture in Indian living rooms. The presence of a sleek L-shaped can change the entire attire of your room. From creating a splendid atmosphere to rendering a spacious look, it can become relevant in small spaces of living rooms. The modern wooden sofa set can be easily installed enhancing the appearance of the interior decor with it.

The designer L-shaped sofa sets can be easily blended with the home decor. And unlike the traditional regular sofas, they tend to appear simple and light. Apart from the heavyweight sofa ranges, this can become more sophisticated and classy in your living decor. Having quite as similar dimensions as that of sectional sofas, this can accommodate more people comfortably.

Distinct Types of L-Shaped Sofa

Leather L-Shaped Sofa Design

Having a luxurious sofa at the corner of your living room is all that is needed in modern homes. However, prior to choosing the sofa, you need to set your budget in order to purchase the item. A wide variety of sofa designs are available from which you can pick the right one as per your budget and design. The L-shaped leather sofa is a right fit if your living room is of smaller dimensions. The glossy finish of the leather sofa along with a comfy backrest that serves as a potential lounging place. One can choose between the designs, colours, textures, and materials of the sofa.    

Sofa for Small Living Space

Individuals should always opt for L-shaped sofas if they are running short of spaces. The L-shaped sofa set works well by accommodating for five to six people. Combined with comfortable cushions and seating, this comes favourable for all living room interiors. Several traditional living rooms might be ideal, but for them, wooden L-shaped sofas can turn out to be a great choice. As compared to the conventional sofa set, L-shaped sofas can add more space to your living space.

Sectional Sofa Designs

A perfect fit for an ultimate lounging experience, sectional L-shaped sofas come with an armrest that makes them quite comfortable and cosy. If you want to get a traditional appearance, then the fabric sofa designs can be integrated with wooden silhouettes and legs. It will in turn lead to a contemporary sofa design with cushioned blocks.  

Corner Sofa Set Placed In a Corner

Do you have a small living area or a tight space where you are unable to manage clutters? The corner sofa set can turn up a boon for a small space area. You can place the sofa towards the corner of one side of the living space which will give a larger illusion and also give you extra space. It can become a lounging space where you can relax during your leisure timings or during the evening after tiring work.

Installing Sofa against the Wall

Are you missing the comfort while watching the best show on television? Then you need to set up the L-shaped modern sofa against the wall so that you can comfortably watch your favourite show while lounging on your sofa. The sleek sofa designs give an elegant look to the home. 

Benefits of Choosing L-shaped and Corner Sofas

Contemporary Addition to Modern Living

A modern day home should match up the style and decor of the contemporary aesthetics. Thus, an amalgamation of style and functionality is the main objective to create a modern corner sofa or divan sofa. The products are available in different colours, styles, and materials. One needs to select the sofa furniture that matches the colour, design preferences, and the decor of your home.  

Rendering Larger Looking Room 

Even a living rooms can appear to be larger with a corner sofa. These kinds of sofas are manufactured and designed to give a look that can appear larger than it actually is. To save the room from taking more space with chairs and stools, it is the best idea to place a corner sofa or an L-shaped sofa. 

A Lounging Space for Socializing

During the present situation when the entire world has suffered setbacks due to the pandemic situation. It is very important to socialize within your own house among family members. The living room becomes the perfect lounging room where all members of the family can sit together to talk and socialize. The sofa gives enough space for six and eight people. 


It can be well concluded that installing L-shaped and corner sofas may require some research so as to choose correctly the one matching the prevailing decor of the living area as well as the dimension. If you are looking for an L-shaped sofa, then you have arrived at the right platform. Royaloak is the leading furniture brand in India proffering international designs inspired by design aesthetics of various countries, quality materials and products to customers all across the country. It has a massive portfolio of furniture products that comprises Italian Design living room furniture, outdoor furniture, office furniture, work from office furniture, and Malaysian Design bedroom furniture amongst others. Visit the official website of Royaloak and explore the world of international design furniture & country collections.

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