Excellent Furniture Concepts For Duplex Accommodation

Excellent Furniture Concepts For Duplex Accommodation

Living FurintureLiving Furinture

In recent times, staying in duplex apartments and accommodation has become more luxurious than ever. Duplex accommodation is often recognized as the luxury living unit and the term defines two housing sections joined together utilising a staircase. Thus, the duplex apartment comprises two floors with different rooms available such as dining room, living room, balcony, kitchen, bedroom, and outdoors. The most important part of a duplex is often the living room where guests enter and are likely to catch up together as well as socialize.      

In this blog, we will discuss the different furniture pieces and ideas that can give a ravishing look to your duplex. With a diverse range of living room furniture items and other furniture for different rooms of the duplex accommodation, we have come up with modern furniture that can give the perfect look to your home decor. A proper amalgamation of functionality and aesthetic beauty can result in an ultimate decorative experience. 

Top Furniture Ideas for a Duplex House 

Here we have given an assortment of furniture ideas that settles well with your duplex home.  

Living Room Furniture


Recliners are a great choice of furniture when you just want to sit and relax the evening tea with your loved ones. It can turn out to be a relaxing companion. In addition to the sofa set and ottomans present in your living space, recliners can be an added advantage to enjoy the comfort and relieving stress. 

A number of health benefits lie in using recliners such as:
Relieves stress by proffering extreme comfort and support.
Improving blood circulation after sitting for long at a desk.    
Acts as a support to back and thereby lowering back pain.
Assistance while standing & sitting down.
In this way, not only does it offer functionality but also enhances the aesthetic beauty of the living room lounge space. A living room of a duplex house should have recliners as the must-have furniture element. 

Sofa Sets

The living room of a duplex apartment is of large size and thus can accommodate a modern sofa set that can bring royalty to the living room decor. Sofas come in a distinct range of styles and thus users can easily browse through the items and select the right one matching the decor. The sofa is an anchor piece of the living room and choosing it that blends well with the theme of the duplex house is the right choice.  

Sofas are of different types like:

Designer Sofa
Leather Sofa Set
Wooden Sofa
Corner Sofa
Fabric Sofa
L Shape Sofa

One can opt for natural materials like wood like Rubber wood and Sheesham for wooden sofas. They are designed in a way to give a modern look to the living room of the duplex.  


By means of placing a modern ottoman in the living room space can enhance the overall beauty of the living area. A living room is considered as the heart of a duplex house where people gather together to share something special or just relax during the twilight. Along the lines, a leather ottoman with a wooden base will change the entire theme of the living area decor. As originally designed to serve footrests, ottomans can be space-saving and act as a focal point while comforting on the recliners. It helps to promote good posture and adds to certain health benefits. 

Dining Room

Dining Table

The dining room is the place where all stories crop up and where family members can sit during the dining and talk about various things. A designer dining table with designer chairs can provide a complete look to the dining room. The dining room is the main space for the get together when every member of the family spends their quality time with the dine out meal. 

For a large family, a 6 seater dining table can be brought together at one place. In addition to the functionality, it also adds to the decor of the living room. The luxurious appeal and colour of the duplex home can often become a reason when it comes to choosing the dining table. 

Bedroom Furniture

Royaloak offers a broad spectrum of bed designs of superior quality and finish. In a duplex accommodation, selecting a comfortable bed along with a specific match to the decor is quite difficult. We have made it easier for customers to select from the best range of bedroom furniture such as:

Box bed
Steel bed
Foldable bed
Designer bed
Storage Bed 
Wooden Bed
Bunk bed
King size bed
Queen size bed
 Single bed
Children beds

A duplex signifies larger than life rooms and spaces, therefore a king size or queen size bed will highly suit the atmosphere of the house.  

Dressing Table

One of the most important components of a bedroom apart from the bed is a dressing table. The choice of the dressing table is considered as per the decor and colour of the bedroom. A duplex house having a luxurious dressing table is all that you want to flaunt yourself. We have a major collection of skilfully designed dressing tables. Wooden dressing tables with functional shelves and artistic mirror adds elegance to the bedroom decor. It makes a grooming station and offers a picturesque atmosphere. 

Bedside Table

A classic bedside table is a perfect platform that is capable of holding various side table stuff and lampshades. The side table is laced with quality finishing and with explicit designs. The bedside table comprises a chest of drawers that can hold many significant items. The functionality of the bed side table is enhanced with drawers and storage shelves. A duplex when designed with minute details embellishes the look of the bedroom. While paying attention to the many minute details, you can ultimately set up a classic bedroom interior with furnishing.   


A duplex house bedroom is incomplete without a sizable wardrobe that matches the dimension of the space. Large wardrobes with three doors have become prevalent nowadays in duplex apartments. A huge portfolio of wardrobes is present that have inbuilt mirrors, sliding doors, and hidden drawers. You can select the right fit for your bedroom along with designs and choice of the foundational materials.

Several Other Furniture To Enhance Duplex Home Interior  


Bookshelves are good-to-go in any bedroom, living and study room in a duplex accommodation. If you are a book lover and are looking for a nicely dimensioned bookshelf design, then your search ends here. By selecting the right design from an assortment of bookshelves. The look of a wooden bookshelf indeed enhances the entire grandeur of a room.


In a modern duplex house, larger space remains vacant which can become potential space for placing seating. Such seating can include seating stools. These kinds of small seating arrangements can add to the look of the interior decor. And if wooden stools with explicit designs are selected then the room gets enhanced by its grandeur.  

Final Conclusion 

Do you own a duplex house? Then you can consider the top furniture listed above to decorate your duplex home. Furnishing the house with good quality furniture can lead to a perfect duplex house. The essential furniture pieces can be arranged to produce an excellent decor theme. Royaloak is one of the leading furniture brands in India that offers premium furniture pieces and international collections using high-quality materials. It has served in elevating the lifestyle of customers in a royal way. All furniture pieces are cost-effective and therefore makes it easy to avail. 

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