Effective Tips on How to Buy Quality Wood Furniture:

Effective Tips on How to Buy Quality Wood Furniture

wooden furniturewooden furniture

Furniture is an important part of homes. When you have a flourishing home you will need flourishing furniture that not only improves your aesthetics of home but also renders functional value. As per the global furniture industry, the recent few years have seen the rise of furniture and it has been estimated that it will reach $850 billion by the end of 2025. When it comes to furniture, we always believe that quality wins the race. Wooden furniture has always been a popular furniture material since the ancient times. They are sturdy as well as durable and result in rare breakage. However, you need to consider certain factors when it comes to buying the best quality wood furniture. In this blog, we have given different tips to purchase quality wooden furniture for your home. 

Know the Materials

When it comes to choosing the best furniture for your home such as a wooden bed, then you must know the difference between furniture materials. Wood can be a long term investment but there are different categories of wood. The different types lie in veneer, hardwood, and particleboard. 


Veneer quite resembles hardwood furniture and is a mix of particleboard, chemical-rich fibreboard, and glue to which are then added different thin layers of better-quality wood for creating wooden look. Veneers are generally lighter in weight as well as cheaper than hardwood. Veneers are quite different from hardwood and are likely to get scratches as well as dents. So they are generally used for lightweight furniture manufacturing. Veneer material offers a huge selection of wood finishes and therefore has been often considered as the best material for kitchen cabinets shelves, and chest of drawers.


Among the various high quality furniture materials, hardwood is the best material. Owing to their longevity, durability and long-lastingness, they are mostly considered as the best material for furniture making. This makes them more expensive as compared to the other types of furniture materials. Hardwood includes white Oak and Teak which makes the aesthetic appeal and also serves durability. High quality furniture like wooden king size bed and queen size bed with storage are created with hardwood.

As a result of durability, hardwood furniture can be handed down for generations. Wood is being used from olden times and gives a timeless look to your Indian decor. Furniture like queen size bed and wooden beds are sturdy and become all-weather resistant with hardwood.

Assess the Furniture Finish

While buying furniture make sure that you have opted for better quality furniture that has quality finishes. Most of the times, individuals overlook the main finish of their furniture and which ends up with furniture swelling, bubbling, and cracking due to regular usage. Make sure that the finish should cover the entirety of the material and be smooth to touch. As you buy the wooden wardrobe design, make sure that you have thoroughly checked the material prior to buying. 

Ascertaining the Joints

The furniture companies that are concerned about the fine finish and quality materials will not glue and staple pieces together. Quality wooden furniture items are joined together by dowels, dovetails, screws, mortise and others. As hardwood furniture is subjected to contraction and expansion depending on climate and seasons, it should be held together with hard materials. This is quite evident from the study tables and chair furniture, living room wooden sofa set, and many other furniture.

Examine Wooden Furniture

Prior to buying wooden furniture, examining it from top to bottom for its functionality is essential. If you are looking for a shoe rack, open its cabinet to check its functionality. Considering you are on the search for a queen size bed with storage, then you need to check the hydraulic storage, gas lift mechanism and much more. 

Royaloak delivers high quality furniture to customer’s doorstep along with free installation and delivery. Customers have the flexibility to assess furniture functionality and then purchase for home.

Readymade Furniture Collections

The advantage of buying readymade furniture from Royaloak is you don't have to wait for more time bringing your favourite wooden TV unit or office table for home. Most furniture is made either with solid wood or MDF or engineered wood. Make sure you make the right choice for your furniture. Royaloak offers a readymade international range of furniture collections of American, German, Italian, Turkish, Malaysian, Vietnamese, and Emperor design collections. Customers can choose from a massive collection and bring home the best quality furniture at affordable prices.

Benefits of Wood Furniture

Wood is always a sturdy material for furniture manufacturing and it has come down from the very time immemorial. With unique designs and skilled craftsmanship, wooden furniture is engraved making it the traditional furniture item in most Indian homes. As a result of their durability and resistance to different temperature conditions, wood furniture like wooden office desks, chairs, modern sofas, and many others are preferred amongst customers. 

Wooden furniture such as study table with bookshelf, wardrobe with dressing table, bed with storage and many others serves a dual purpose and double-duty functionalities. Bringing this type of wood furniture will not only augment the aesthetic of your decor but also add functional value to your home decor. 

Final Considerations

If you are on the lookout for the best wood furniture for your home, Royaloak is the final destination. It is the leading furniture retail brand in India offering national and international furniture collections and designs at an unbeatable price range. From bedroom furniture to living room furniture, kitchens to outdoor furniture, WFH to home decor, all are available at Royaloak.

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