Why should you buy a leather sofa?

A leather sofa is one of the best sofas to buy if you’re looking for luxury. Choosing a leather sofa set may be difficult, but at RoyalOak , we ensure all our furniture goes through stringent quality checks and detailing.

Reasons you should get a leather sofa:

  • Hypoallergenic: They don’t accumulate dust particles or pet dander, making it allergy-proof.
  • Features: They bring elegance to the room, which is hard to duplicate. If you are aiming for a modern simplistic look, try our range of leather sofas online.
  • Care: They are easy to clean and maintain. Did you know all it takes is a leather conditioner to prolong the look and life of your leather sofa? It also does not require constant attention, unlike fabric. You just need to clean lightly only twice a year.

Choose your perfect leather sofa:

Various factors need to be considered while choosing a sofa online. Whether you are buying new one for the first time or looking to change your old sofa to a new one, Royal Oak is the best place for you.

Choose Leather sofa set by Colour:

The colours available at Royal Oak are:

  • Black: Black leather sofas are a symbol of sophistication and elegance. A black sofa set will easily blend with your interiors.
  • Brown: The warm tone of brown will match perfectly with glass centre tables. It creates a vintage feel to your living room.
  • Beige: Beige can be a pop of colour for plain or white interiors in your living room.
  • White: White colour is the easiest to accessorize with your interiors. It creates a magnetism you cannot deny.
  • Grey: For a soothing and relaxed ambience, choose grey. This grey leather sofa set is best to match with neutral tones.

Choose Leather sofa set online by Design:

  • German - Our signature german range is perfect for comfort and transitional style, making them easy to add to a variety of looks.
  • Italian - Our signature Italian range has clean accented lines with striking baseball stitching. This elegant design will blend beautifully with the modern aesthetic.
  • Vietnam - Our signature Vietnam range is so comfortable you can sink in.
  • American - Our signature American pure leather sofa is durable and handcrafted especially for your home.

Choose Leather sofa set online by Size:

  • Single seater: You can easily match single-seater sofas with the other sofa sets in your house. The pure leather sofa set price is also low and affordable.
  • Double seater: Double seater leather sofa is perfect for a compact home and a small family.
  • Three seater: Three Seater pure leather sofa is the most popular choice among millennials and urban residents. Our prices are very affordable, you can provide a homey experience to your guests, while being cost effective too!


Can you tell if a leather sofa is of good quality?

We can easily distinguish a good leather sofa from a faux leather sofa through its texture and smell. A good quality leather sofa is pleasant and soft to touch and also warm. It has an appealing smell that is not there in faux leather sofas.

What should I look for in a leather couch?

You should look for a leather sofa that acts as a centrepiece of your living room and not overpowers the room. A good leather sofa should complement the other interiors and decor of your living room.

Why does a leather couch crack?

Leather absorbs the oil and first from our body, which causes it to crack. Using a leather conditioner can prevent a leather sofa from cracking.

Is a leather sofa worth it?

A good pure leather sofa can last 4 times longer than a regular sofa. It requires minimal care and has a thick, durable material.

How long does a good leather sofa last?

Leather sofas last up to 15 years with minimal care. Our leather sofas have lasted up to 20 years. It depends on the quality of the leather sofa you get.

Does sleeping on a leather sofa ruin it?

Sleeping on a leather sofa occasionally will not damage the build of the sofa but can harm the padding, frame or cushion if you sleep on it permanently or for a long-term basis.
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