Buy a sofa cum bed for your home

New sofa cum bed designs are being launched in the market to make your sofa more functional and comfortable. It is a sofa that can extend to an extra bed when some more guests or relatives decide to spend the night. They also occupy less space; thus, making sure you optimise your living space well. It is affordable for providing two pieces of furniture in one!

Why should I buy a sofa cum bed?

  • Less space: This can be placed in your living room or your bedroom as a regular sofa and could turn into a bed whenever you want to doze off watching your favourite friends episode or accommodate unexpected guests.
  • Adaptable: Sofa cum bed furniture is a comfortable option when you have people that stay in your house.
  • Affordable: You do not have to buy a new bed for your guest room, instead you can use the sofa to accommodate all your needs. The sofa cum bed cost is lower than a new bed.
  • Diverse range: If you want to add a different look to your guest room or office room, you can get a sofa that comes in many styles, colours, patterns and materials

How to choose a sofa cum bed online?

Sofa cum bed online shopping can seem like a herculean task. With so many options available online, how can you choose the one that fits your home?.

  • Is the sofa bed foldable?
  • Does the cost come under my budget?
  • How much space does the sofa require when it’s expanded?
  • What colour, texture and type will best suit my aesthetic?
  • Do I want a sofa cum bed with storage or without storage?

Types of sofa cum bed available at Royal Oak

  • 3 Seater - 3 seater is spacious and has a broader seating. Our sofa bed ensures it gives utmost comfort to you and your guests.
  • Single size - This sofa cum bed with storage is great for bachelors and compact homes.
  • 2 Seater loveseat - 2 Seater loveseat sofa furniture is ideal for new couples who have moved to a new house.
  • Sofa cum bed with storage - If you are looking for a multi-purpose sofa then this is the one for you. It’s a sofa plus bed plus it has storage space too! This sofa cum bed cost is affordable.
  • Sofa cum bed furniture with armrest - this bed sofa is great for having small or big gatherings and for hosting gaming nights with your friends.
  • L shaped sofa cum bed - If you want a sofa that is durable and functional, this L shaped sofa cum bed furniture can be used to relax in the morning and sleep peacefully at nights.


Which type of sofa cum bed is good?

If your sofa is not used as a makeshift bed frequently, you can consider getting a pull-out or air topped mattress sofa cum bed.

Are sofa cum beds useful?

A sofa bed is affordable, adaptable and is great for experimenting in modern homes. They do not occupy much space and ensure you are stress-free when a guest arrives.

What materials are used in a sofa cum bed?

Our sofa cum beds have a variety of options like wood, metal, fabric, leather and leatherette.

Can you sleep on a sofa cum bed permanently?

Choosing a sofa cum bed that is durable, has strong wooden legs and is well made are suitable if you want to use a sofa bed to sleep comfortably.

How long will a good sofa bed cost?

A good sofa cum bed can last upto 7 - 15 years on minimal care.

Should I get a pull-out couch?

Pull out couches or sofa beds are the most affordable option. They look stylish and can be in your bedroom, living room or office room at your convenience.
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