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Television has been a big part of our life. It is really difficult to imagine our living room or our bedroom without a TV unit. A good cabinet only should be on your list as it is functional and gives a style to your living room or bedroom. To buy a tv unit online, visit our website where you can choose from a wide variety.

Looking for Tv unit online?

Are you looking for a beautiful wall-mounted unit but do not feel comfortable visiting a store? You can now shop safely from your home! Order your favourite tv unit furniture and we will deliver it to your doorstep in no time.

Things to consider when buying a TV unit online:

At RoyalOak we have an extensive collection of Tv units, Tv cabinet and Tv entertainment unit so you could choose the one that suits your home. Here is a list of things you should consider before picking the right unit:

  • Tv Size: The first thing to consider is the size. Measure your TV size and then decide on the various options for getting your Tv entertainment unit. To make it easier for you to search and measure, follow these guidelines:
TV Unit Size Recommended minimum TV Size (Diagonal) Recommended maximum Tv Size (Diagonal)
  • Room Size: Knowing the size of your room is important, as it will determine the viewing distance of your TV.
    • 1080p TVs: The viewing distance should be seven feet distance for a 40 inch, eight feet distance for 60 inches and 10.5 feet distance for an 80 inch Tv.
    • 4K TVs: The viewing distance is about three feet for 40 inch Tv, Five feet distance for 60-inch tv and seven feet distance for an 80 inch Tv. Measure your room and buy a Tv entertainment unit.
  • Material: A good Tv table should have a material that is strong and stylish at the same time. At RoyalOak we have materials that include;
    • HDF with High Gloss finish: HDF wood Tv units are powerful but also with a gloss finish that adds a contemporary look to your living room or bedroom.
    • Engineered wood: Our Engineered wood Tv unit has an anti-stain surface, is termite-proof and also flame resistant. If you’re looking for a Tv unit online that will last for years, look at our engineered wood collection.
    • Solid wood: Solid wood is a style statement that will add elegance to your living room or bedroom. We have a vast collection ranging from Sheesham wood to Oakwood.
    • Marble top: Our Italian and American marble top collection is sleek and sturdy, giving an international touch. They also have ample storage space to add more to your media centre.


What is the use of Tv unit?

They are stand out pieces in your living room or bedroom. The storage that Tv entertainment unit provides can help you get creative to store decorations, your prized awards, books and a lot more.

Should the TV cabinet be bigger than the TV?

We recommend having a Tv cabinet that is wider than your TV to balance out the design of the room.

Is it better to wall mount a TV or put it on a stand?

Mounting your television will save a lot of space. If you have less space in your bedroom or living room, you can mount the TV and add a beautiful unit that will add more storage space.

Which wood is best for TV units?

Wood is the most durable material for Tv cabinets. They are termite proof and clean with no damage. If you’re looking for wood unit, you can choose from Sheesham wood, Oakwood, redwood or rubberwood.

Where should a Tv be placed in a living room?

You can place your Tv either in a living room or bedroom whichever suits you best. You should avoid placing your Tv in the corner of the living room and choose a spot that does not interfere with your decor.

Can you mention the base materials of manufacturing entertainment unit furniture sets?

Excellent quality materials are used to curate unique designs for entertainment units like marble material, marble top, engineered wood, solid wood, tempered glass, HDF with high gloss and high gloss finish.

Can we add storage to the TV unit?

Yes, one can easily add storage to the TV unit by placing drawers. However, there are times when due to less space, it is wall mounted to have cabinets.

What are the country collections that you offer for designing TV units?

The country collection that we offer includes the American collection, Italian collection, Emperor Collection and Vietnam collection. Customers can get a wide variety of TV unit, wall mounted TV cabinets, corner TV tables, TV stands, and wall units.

What can be the average height of a TV unit?

The height of the TV entertainment unit depends on the design of the unit selected such as wall mounted and floor mounted. It also depends on the choice of storage cabinets and the size of the TV.

Are there any hidden charges included in the cost of entertainment furniture?

No, we do not charge any additional charges apart from the cost of the TV stand. Any tax related additions are included in the price of the TV unit.

How much time is taken to deliver the furniture item?

The general time that is taken to deliver entertainment unit furniture can take from 1 week to 15 days. It depends on the availability of the stock furniture and delivery to the location.
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