What kind of wood is used to manufacture shoe racks?

For the manufacture of shoe racks, we generally use materials such as solid wood & engineered wood. All the materials are of good quality and the furniture items are launched only after quality testing.

What are the different kinds of shoe rack available in Royaloak?

The distinct types of shoe rack available are open shoe rack, tilt out shoe racks, shoe cabinets, and shoe racks with seats.

What is the cost of shoe racks?

The price of shoe racks can vary on the material you choose for whether it is solid wood and engineered wood. In case of solid wood, the price may increase however, engineered wood can also be a very good option for shoe racks.

Why are shoe racks useful?

A shoe rack helps in providing a dedicated section for placing the footwear in a house. It makes it easier to find each pair of shoes and access them when it is needed.
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