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Buy wall clocks online from Royaloak at the best prices

When you have interesting wall clocks to remind you what time of the day it is, it can relieve your anxiety and keep you well-prepared for the routine.
Royaloak’s wall clocks come in every size to complement the room proportionately. They don’t overpower the decor and are incredibly useful at the same time. One quick glance and you know what the time is.
A stunning wall clock on your living room and bedroom wall will help you plan your day with ease. Our clocks are just what you need to wake up on time every morning. The attractive shapes and colors keep daily planning more fun. Royaloak’s clocks are stunning, but also affordable. What better way to decorate the wall than with a practical addition like a simple clock? At our website, you can buy clocks that look stylish, are reasonably priced, and durable. Buy the best wall clocks from Royaloak today & enjoy the benefits of owning home decor from India’s no.1 furniture brand.

Things to consider when you buy clocks from Royaloak

Type : The two types of wall clocks are analog and digital. While analog clocks have more visual appeal, digital clocks convey the time in an easier format. Depending on what your priority is, choose the type accordingly.
Room size : Your wall clock should be an addition to your decor, not a disturbance. Larger rooms can be enhanced with heavy, vintage pieces. But smaller rooms might demand minimalist designs. Consider the dimensions of your room before you go shopping for clocks.
Positioning : Where you put up your clock is just as important as its type and room size. Generally speaking, your wall clock should be at a height that makes it convenient to spot from any location, be it the couch, from the hallway, or by the door.
Materials : The composition of a clock will certainly determine how long it will last, its appearance, and maintenance. Wood adds a traditional touch to the space while metal clocks go well with modern homes that are furnished with the latest gadgets.
Decor : Are you looking for an office clock? Or a small table watch by your bedside? Depending on which space you’re decorating, you should find a clock that matches its aura. Consider a color combination, texture, and shape that matches the overall room aesthetic.
Buy the best wall clocks from Royaloak today & enjoy the benefits of owning home decor from India’s no.1 furniture brand.

Types of vintage clocks in india

While modern clocks have more functionality, nothing can match the charm of antique designs. These are great furnishing accessories and can effortlessly improve the appearance of any room.
Classic Wooden Clocks
Classic wooden clocks exude a rustic, timeless charm. Crafted from rich, warm wood like oak, walnut, or mahogany, they blend traditional craftsmanship with natural beauty. These clocks typically feature analog movements, often with pendulum mechanisms, and showcase Roman or Arabic numerals on their wooden dials. Their elegant, handcrafted cases come in various styles, including wall-mounted, mantel, and grandfather clocks. Classic wooden clocks not only provide accurate timekeeping but also serve as exquisite pieces of functional art that enhance the warmth and character of any room with their organic textures and classic design aesthetics.
Vintage simple clock
These are simple, round wall clocks that take you back to the old days. With a circular display of hours, usually in the Roman numbers format, these clocks are easy to read and don’t go out of fashion.
Station clock
If you want something timeless, there’s nothing better than a station clock. This statement piece can be hung anywhere in your home and creates a warm homely environment. Buy the best wall clocks from Royaloak today & enjoy the benefits of owning home decor from India’s no.1 furniture brand.
Clocks for commercial spaces
Apart from being important home furnishing accessories, clocks also have industrial use. Synchronizing meetings and schedules becomes much easier with an office clock. Offices and commercial spaces need clocks to increase time efficiency and reduce mismanagement. Royaloak has a wide collection of wall clocks that can be used in these areas. Their size is larger than regular wall clocks and their dials are easily readable even from a distance.
If you’re looking for commercial clocks, go for a basic color palette and a round design. You can also opt for a model whose hour, minute, and seconds are distinct.
Buy the best wall clocks from Royaloak today & enjoy the benefits of owning home decor from India’s no.1 furniture brand.