Relevant Tips for Choosing The Perfect Wardrobe

Relevant Tips for Choosing The Perfect Wardrobe


Wardrobes have been a significant part of every bedroom furniture. Nowadays, the taste of individuals towards wardrobe choices has taken a major turnover with the modernization. From preferring customized wardrobes to contemporary wardrobes, several options are available. One can find different wardrobes of distinct styles and international origin depending on budget. However, choosing the right wardrobe for your room is based on a few factors. In this blog, we will elaborate on the different tips for selecting the perfect wardrobe for your bedroom. 

Top Tips for Selecting The Right Wardrobe   

Considering your Requirements

From the very outset, you need to determine the requirements and needs. If you are looking for a fundamental storage system then you need more space for your stuff. However, if you are looking for an elegant wardrobe, then you should opt for sophisticated furniture. The wardrobe design depends upon the color and the decor of your room. Before buying a wardrobe, consider the space you can give for installation. According to space availability and dimension, you can determine the wardrobe as a perfect fit for your bedroom.

Functional Requirements

One of the most important factors to consider when selecting wardrobes is determining the functionality of the wardrobes. For long hanging clothes, coats, and dressing gowns, you will need hanging hangers to hang them in long-height wardrobes. If you have small dresses, shorts, and jumpsuits, then you can hang them in half-height trails. Several wardrobes presently proffer super innovative interior design setups. Jewelry drawers, shoe racks, along drawers where you can separately keep your hair accessories. By giving available drawer options, it helps to diminish clutter and you can keep your stuff in a safe place.  

Match for the Right Design

The way to install a bedroom wardrobe design properly is impacted by several functional as well as aesthetic considerations. The latest trend of using sliding doors in wardrobes is becoming popular these days. Owing to its usability, affordability, and less-consuming space, this kind of wardrobe is making its way to every contemporary Indian household. As they occupy less space, they are preferable over others. Several other options can cut off your budgets such as free-standing wardrobes, hinged doors, three-door wardrobes, two-panel wardrobes, and many others. Royaloak offers an international range of wardrobes such as American wardrobe furniture, Malaysian style, Turkish furniture, Italian wardrobe model, and so forth. These are made from high-quality materials for producing a quality wardrobe range for your bedroom.

Size of the Wardrobe Furniture

There are times when you dream of a big wardrobe with explicit design, however, the space you have in your wardrobe cannot avail the installation. A large wardrobe is often impossible to locate and therefore you need to consider the wardrobe size before selecting the right one. So consider the dimension of your space within which you can avail and then set out for the journey to choose the wardrobe. There must be enough space for opening doors of the wardrobe.

The Style of the Wardrobe

While choosing the right wardrobe for your bedroom, the wardrobe design matters the most. This highly depends upon the taste of your decor and the overall look. From contemporary and sleek designs to high-gloss, one can get many options from where you can choose. The high gloss finish involves small touches, sleek handles, and the aesthetic appeal of the wardrobe.

As you opt for style mixes and international designs, it will add vigor to the overall appearance of your bedroom. At times, people do not have space for a dressing table and they want a combo of wardrobe designs with dressing tables. This has become prevalent in recent days where people want to combine both of them. The amalgamation of a dressing table with a wardrobe is a perfect choice to embellish the overall decor of your bedroom. It also lessens the space which would have been occupied with a large dressing table.  

After considering the aforesaid requirements and tips, one needs to go through the different range of wardrobe types available. Freestanding and fitted wardrobes are a great fit for Indian homes. If you have modern sleek bedroom decor, then fitted designs can suit you well. People can also obtain customized wardrobes. Mentioned below are different types of wardrobes:

Two-door wardrobes: This type of wardrobe comes in standard designs with drawers and rails. It generally comprises one drawer or shelf for clutter.

Three-door wardrobes: This type of wardrobe offer more space as compared to the two-door panel wardrobes. With this design in the bedroom, one can have ample shelving and rails.

Free-standing: These are widely used in every Indian home and are also affordable in cost. These are easily movable and therefore are easy to use.

Wardrobes with Sliding Doors: Sliding doors eradicates the need to open doors outward, therefore, saving much space. It serves as a great option in tight spaces.

The Right Material   

In addition to the above prospects, the material with which the wardrobe is created is of great concern. The colour, material, and finish of the wardrobe offer ample contribution to the elegant look that it renders. Several options are available among which you choose suiting the decor and colour of your bedroom. Different types of materials are used that are of high quality to embellish the features of the wardrobe.

  • MDF finish: Nowadays this is highly used as a material foundation for wardrobe furniture owing to its cost-effectiveness, economical, and durability.
  • Solid wood: The traditional form of materials, solid wood, is highly preferred for furniture manufacturing. As solid wood is hard and robust, it brings in a distinct genre of furniture with different styles and feels.
  • Matt finish: Matt finish has always been unbeatable in the furniture industry. Having a soft matt finish gives a splendid look to your room.
  • High gloss finish: A wardrobe furniture with a high gloss finish gives a sleek look to your bedroom decor. The shiny finish adds vivacity to the room and thus comes in different colours.
  • Painted finish: Painted wardrobes come in different colour and style ranges. And to add your style, the look can be given a more fresh, rustic, or contemporary look.
  • Glass mirrors: The wardrobe design with a dressing table is another highly popular style adopted by younger generations these days. By adding a bright and mirror effect, it adds vigor to the overall decor of the room.

Final Conclusion

Are you on the lookout for the right wardrobe that can fit your bedroom? You have arrived at the right destination. Royaloak is the leading furniture brand in India that offers international furniture collections from top countries like America and Germany. It offers custom-quality wardrobe designs with feature-rich collections. Get your desired furniture collection from Royaloak and experience the international style of living.

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